For generations, Japanese traditional kogei (arts and crafts) has continuously inherited the highest skills and expressions. ”ON-KO-CHI-SHIN” project, a Japanese term defined as developing new ideas based on past studies, was launched in hopes to utilize the NFT technology to pass down the value of these fine crafts to future generations worldwide.
The Future Outlook of
the Japanese Traditional Kogei
We will release digital art modeled based on the works of three Japanese artists, including Living National Treasures
The Japanese Cultural Properties Protection Law defines "Intangible Cultural Properties" as performing arts, music, craft techniques, and other intangible cultural assets that possess high historical or artistic value to the country.
An Individual who has achieved advanced mastery of them is nominated as Important Intangible Cultural Property holder or commonly knowns as the "Living National Treasure" and there are only 116 of them in Japan.
. The artists’ share of this project’s proceeds will go towards preserving Japanese kogei and fostering the next generation of artists. By owning an NFT, you can become a patron of this movement.
Photographer “RK”
as Creative Director
RK is a street photographer best known for the portraits of celebrities such as Takashi Murakami and KAWS. The vibrancy of the city streets, architecture, and nature are captured uniquely depicted and have been featured in both Japanese and International media. He holds the Japanese record for most NFT sales in the Foundation Marketplace. (As of May 2022)


“One of a kind NFT artwork”
produced by RK and “3D NFT,”
a three dimensional recreation of the exquisite
Japanese kogei will be offered.
A decorative technique of urushi (Japanese Lacquer) art developed exclusively in Japan over some 1,200 years. It is a way of producing pictorial designs using urushi and sprinkled metal powder such as gold or silver.
Created by
Some-ori, or the technique of dyeing and weaving is considered very intimate in our lifestyles. A Japanese kimono serves a fashionable purpose as well as reflecting culture and history. This technique has evolved in response to the climates of various regions of the country. The intricate designs on the kimono constitute wearable art.
Created by
Jiki (porcelain) is a subset of tojiki (ceramic) fired at high temperatures to achieve extremely hard and liquid-impervious properties. The iron in the glaze produces the celadon hue, whereas a glaze without iron produces white porcelain, both of which formerly emulated jade and white jade, and continue to captivate people today.
Created by


“One of a kind” NFT collaboration of RK’s photographs and Japanese traditional kogei.
The auction will feature a total of 9 items.
High-quality 3D model NFT of the Japanese traditional kogei. Also available for viewing on OnCyber galleries.
A total of 9 types will be sold at a “fixed price.”


  • Living National Treasure
    Urushi (lacquer) artist
    Kazumi Murose
  • Living National Treasure
    Some-ori (textile) artist
    Yoshinori Tsuchiya
  • Jiki (porcelain) artist
    Iwao Shinno
What is “Living National Treasure”?
The Japanese Cultural Properties Protection Law defines "Intangible Cultural Properties" as stage arts, music, craft techniques, and other intangible cultural assets that possess high historical or artistic value to the country. The individuals who have achieved advanced mastery of the technique as the holder of that Important Intangible Cultural Property are nominated as "Living National Treasure." There are only 116 people considered "Living National Treasure" in Japan.

1-1 NFT HOLDER BENEFIT *Available only to 1-of-1 NFT purchasers

  • 01
    Receive a 3D NFT of your artwork (limit 1)
  • 02
    Invitation to visit the artist's studio of your won item

COMMON BENEFIT *Available to both 1-of-1 NFT and 3D NFT purchasers

  • 01
    Invitation to an offline exhibition (Special commentary provided)
  • 02
    Access to an exclusive NFT holder Discord channel
  • 03
    Priority in future JINP related projects


  • Quantity
    1-of-1 NFT: 9 total
    3DNFT: 9 total types
  • Price
    1-of-1 NFT: Auction
    3D NFT: Fixed price
  • Location
    1-of-1 NFT:Foundation(Coming Soon)
    3DNFT:Mint Page(Coming Soon)
  • Date
    Scheduled March 2023


  • What is NFT?
    NFTs are unique sets of “digital data that are not interchangeable and come with proof of authenticity and ownership.” Similar to many cryptocurrencies, these data are created and traded on a blockchain which makes them extremely hard to tamper with and now hold an asset value.
  • What rights come with the purchase of NFT?
    1. Customer does not receive any intellectual property rights, including copyrights associated with the purchased NFT.
    2. You may not copy, reproduce, edit, or otherwise alter the purchased NFT.
(*Non-commercial use on social media is permitted)
  • How can I buy NFT?
    *Purchase information will be provided soon.
  • Where does the profit go?
    The proceeds will be used by each artist to “pass down the tradition of kogei to future generations and overseas.”
  • Where can I view the purchased NFT?
    Available on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea etc.
    OnCyber is recommended for 3D NFT viewing.